Be heard and make a difference in your community


Youth coalition members are a driving force of SRSLY. They learn leadership skills and experience opportunities to share their voices.


Share your unique skills and perspective to support the community


With broad support from leaders across the community, SRSLY is a coalition of diverse partners with a common goal.


SRSLY stays fresh and effective through positive focus and having fun.


We focus on fun, and emphasize the positive Most teens make the healthy choice to stay substance-free. SRSLY is here to help them do just that

SRSLY is a community coalition of youth, parents, schools, coaches, librarians, doctors, nurses, police officers, faith based organizations, business owners, civic groups, and community members who want to prevent youth substance use. Four communities in Michigan have SRSLY coalitions: ChelseaDexterStockbridge, and Manchester. Together, the communities have more than 1,000 volunteers donating time and energy. Anyone age 10 and up can join by working on a project, helping at an event, or coming to a meeting. Our strength comes from our members as we work to create positive changes in our community.