Online Comic Book Workshop

Learn how to make your very own comics!

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How much is the workshop? Free!
  2. Do I have to have any experience? No, all level of artists are welcome. But you do need to be ready to do a lot of drawing!
  3. Who can participate in the workshop? The workshop is being offered to 3rd-6th grade students in the four SRSLY communities of Stockbridge, Chelsea, Dexter, and Manchester. Homeschool students are also welcome to participate.

Registration is required. Click here to complete the registration form.

  1. Who is teaching the workshop? Jerzy Drozd is a professional cartoonist, author of several comic books, and a teaching artist. He is also the author and illustrator of the CPTN SRSLY comic books.
  2. Do I need any supplies? For the first couple weeks, you will need a pencil, paper, and a device to connect to Zoom (such as a computer, laptop, or tablet). We will also be sending you some additional supplies that you will use in the later weeks of the workshop.
  3. I see this is being sponsored by SRSLY through a grant from the 5 Healthy Towns Foundation, so will my comic have to be about preventing youth drug and alcohol use? No, you will be allowed to draw comics about whatever you want! (as long as it is school appropriate, of course).
  4. Who can I contact for more info? For additional questions, please email or call (734) 593-8089.

Upcoming Workshops:


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