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CPTN SRSLY Comic Books

CTPN SRSLY and the Super Master Sentinels is a shared comic book project between the SRSLY Coalition, Chelsea School District, Chelsea District Library, Edgar Norman Creative, and local cartoonist, Jerzy Drozd. Six installments of CPTN SRSLY comic books have been released to elementary and middle school students, promoting positive social protective factors. The CPTN SRSLY project has emerged as an exemplary local collaborative effort to support youth. Comic books connect language and art in a way that draws readers in and encourages literacy within children. By using a medium that kids already enjoy, adults can pass along messages that benefit kids and help establish a positive sense of place. When local agencies come together to professionally produce fun and creative comic books that teach local kids about healthy and positive behaviors, the whole community wins.

Chelsea RxTurn Magnet

BIG RED BARREL Medicine Take-Back

Medicine abuse is a dangerous and growing problem in our communities. In western Washtenaw County, 1 in 10 middle school students has used a prescription painkiller, without a doctor’s prescription (Source: 2010 MiPHY Survey). Many kids assume it is safe to abuse medicine, because it is prescribed by a doctor, or sold in a pharmacy. But when taken in high doses or mixed with other drugs, many medications have serious and life-threatening consequences, including addiction and overdose.

You are the first line of defense against medicine abuse! Most kids who abuse medicine say they get it from friends or family medicine cabinets. Do you have unused medications lying around at home? Do not flush any medicines! Dispose of your unused medications safely, without impacting our drinking water.

The Big Red Barrel project is a medicine take-back program that allows anyone to safely dispose of unused medications, no questions asked. This program is a collaborative effort between law enforcement, local government, public health, pharmacies, physicians, and others.



Safe Homes

In response to a growing concern among residents about the prevalence and perceived acceptance of teen drinking parties hosted by parents, the SRSLY Coalition started “SRSLY Safe Homes.” This program helps youth and parents identify other families in their community who support youth in making healthy choices and are committed to helping them stay substance-free. Youth and adults can be confident that minors under the age of 21 will not be offered or allowed to use drugs or alcohol while they are in these families’ homes.

Families who pledge to be a SRSLY Safe Home are given a sign to post in their yard, and they have their names listed on their SRSLY community website. This will accomplish two important things – practically, it lets youth and parents know which homes are safe for them to hang out and have fun at without worrying about youth using drugs or alcohol. More broadly, it sends a message to the community that parents in our communities want their kids to grow up safe and substance-free, and youth want to hang out and have fun with their friends without being pressured to use drugs or alcohol.

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Anonymous Tip Line

SRSLY partners with local law enforcement to promote an anonymous tip line where concerned youth and adults can notify the police of potential teen drinking parties or other illegal behavior. Law enforcement will respond proactively to the calls. Over the past three years, anonymous tips have prevented dozens of teen drinking parties, thanks to youth and adults speaking out.

Drug Dog Searches

SRSLY partners with law enforcement and schools to support routine drug dog searches. Routine searches in the school help to ensure that schools are a safe place where students can focus on learning and experience less pressure to try drugs or alcohol.