SRSLY, this is important.

Kids who use drugs or alcohol are more likely to have problems with school, health, family, friends, and law enforcement. They’re more likely to get in physical fights and car crashes. They’re more likely to suffer from memory and learning problems. They’re more likely to engage in high risk sexual behavior. And the earlier they start using, the more likely they are to develop addiction.

SRSLY, let’s do something about it.

SRSLY is a community coalition that works to prevent youth substance abuse by using multiple strategies, across multiple sectors, to address the root causes of the problem. SRSLY works because it is targeted at changing the environment, not the individual. Community leaders and grassroots volunteers work together to change the community in ways that make it easier for youth to make healthy choices and avoid drugs and alcohol. Youth and adults work side by side to make a difference, and to make sure we all have fun along the way.

SRSLY, it works.

Since SRSLY started in Chelsea in 2008, teens are less likely to approve of their peers using drugs or alcohol, and more likely to say no when offered these substances. Adults are more likely to report illegal behavior to the police, which has given law enforcement the opportunity to respond proactively and prevent teen drinking parties before they happen.

That’s the whole point. That’s what SRSLY is all about. Want to see SRSLY in your community?

We can help you make that happen. It will start with lots of questions, like: What are the community’s youth substance abuse problems? What’s causing these problems? Who should be at the table? What resources does the community have to address these problems? After the questions comes the work. But don’t worry, it’s fun! Seriously.


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