Conversations and Coping


Superheroes rise to the occasion during difficult times. You can be a hero by modeling healthy coping and having conversations to build family resiliency.

What we know:

  • Most teenagers do not use drugs regularly (MiPHY).
  • Most teens are faced with a decision to use alcohol and other drugs by age 13 (MTF)
  • It is never too late to be a hero, talk to your child today to avoid troubling behaviors such as alcohol and other drug use (CDC).

*Sources: Monitoring the Future (MTF) 2019, Michigan Profile for Healthy Youth (Miphy) 2018, Center for Disease Control

Be a hero with conversations and positive coping.

For more ideas on conversations and coping see the wellness guide below, available to download.

Download the PDF

Concerned about your drug use or that of another? Access a brief web based screening app here:

If you or someone you know is struggling, help is available in our community.

About SRSLY and Project SUCCESS

Project SUCCESS is an evidence-based substance prevention program where trained counselors meet with students in schools. Together, SRSLY and Project SUCCESS provide multiple levels of prevention strategies to students in Chelsea, Manchester and Dexter's middle school and high schools. Project SUCCESS does not operate in Stockbridge at this time

SRSLY does universal prevention, which means the coalition focuses on strategies that benefit the entire population of students as a whole, while Project SUCCESS does more targeted prevention and provides support to individual students who may have higher risk factors.

SRSLY also focuses on primary prevention, which means trying to reach youth before substance use may start, while Project SUCCESS does some secondary prevention, meaning preventing substance use from continuing and getting worse.